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About the Vital Images Photo Library

Vital Images is a brand spanking new, rapidly expanding, searchable online data base of high resolution, rights managed, stock photography. Our primary focus is image quality and ease of access to the images in our library. Our target market is discerning clients who require distinctive, evocative, enduring images that will stand out on paper, screen and walls. The library is segmented into seven basic categories. As with any catalogue system though, the distinctions can be somewhat arbitrary. Fear not ... all of the images in our photolibrary can be accessed with appropriate keywords by using our sophisticated search engine. Furthermore, all images with specific keyword(s) can be rapidly retrieved and viewed. It is worth taking a few moments to learn how to use the search function with minimum effort and efficiently by clicking Here The advanced search function will streamline your complex searches. We are constantly adding images from our vast colllections - just as fast as we can catalogue and assign appropriate keywords to them. The latest additions to all catalogues can be viewed by clicking on the New Images tab on the navigation bar at the top of the screen. If you cannot find the specific image you are seeking then please Contact Us and we should hopefully be able to find exactly what you require in our substantial collections. All images on the site are embedded with the industry standard Adobe RGB colour profile because we assume that you will want to use them for top end graphics and print applications. For answers to common queries, please refer to our Q&A Page We welcome and encourage any comments, suggestions and constructive criticism you may have about the website and library. We regard the process of finding the very best image for your intended purpose as a team effort and highly value your input. We also appreciate your drawing our attention to any spelling or factual errors that you may find in the keywords or image descriptions. We are, after all, mere humans and cannot be expected to be perfect at everything we do. However we do feel obliged to correct our mistakes. To pass through the stringent selection process and be displayed in our photolibrary, all images need to meet a very high technical standard. Image files can be supplied to you in a range of formats with pixel size ranging from a minimum of 30Mb to several hundred Mb, by a range of means such as FTP upload or on a disc. We encourage you to sign in and register to obtain a range of special privileges. We can supply and ship high quality fine art prints and murals of many of the images in the galleries on a wide range of media and different sizes. Please refer to our Print Gallery page or Contact us for further details.

Recently we had a major failure of the website due to issues with the supporting software required. Unfortunately Stockbox Photo have been very reluctant to provide any help to recover from this catastrophe so please bear with us until we can get the myriad of problems sorted .. thankyou

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